Leviathan Great Houses

There are twelve Great Houses in Defiant, three from each Origin. Out of all bloodlines, they are the oldest and most influential, with their own creeds and sacred traditions.

It is now time to tell you about the Leviathan Great Houses.

House Hadad – Storm Leviathans
Creed: “The weaker shall bow to your desires.”

The Storm Leviathans believe in the right of the strong to satisfy their desires. Hadad Court is the manifestation of the ruler’s power, becoming their temple, testament to their appetites and preferences.

House Melqart – Earth Leviathans
Creed: “Your hoard shall inspire awe.”

The members of House Melqart are like the dragons of legends, amassing impressive hoards of treasures. Some Earth Leviathans surround themselves with the yields of their element – gemstones or jewelry made of precious metals. Others collect man-made items or even gather interesting mortals.

House Shemesh – Fire Leviathans
Creed: “True rulers are forged in flames.”

The mightiest of the ancient beasts, the Fire Leviathans were destined to end the world in their draconic flames. Members of House Shemesh feel that all other Defiant owe them gratitude for rejecting their destiny and granting the world a second chance. They are the most disdainful and dogmatic among the Leviathans.

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