Daeva Great Houses

There are twelve Great Houses in Defiant, three from each Origin. Out of all bloodlines, they are the oldest and most influential, with their own creeds and sacred traditions.

Today, we will tell you about the Great Houses of the Daeva.

House Achto – Aztlan Deava
Creed: “Claim your due.”

Defiant of House Achto believe actions speak louder than words, and they never trust someone without a sacrifice – an ultimate proof of true intentions. To honor their ancestors’ ultimate sacrifice, they feel obligated to live their lives to the fullest.

House Kyrios – Hellenic Daeva
Creed: “Prove your worth.”

Kyrios are known to be ambitious, competitive, and determined to prove their worth, as their Creed demands. They scheme and show off their virtues, always finding new ways to outshine or outsmart other Kyrios and impress the head of the House.

House Sekh – Khemetian Daeva
Creed: “Leave your mark.”

Daeva of House Sekh are great builders, visionaries and architects, bent on leaving their mark on the world and inspiring awe in everyone who admires their creations. Although their lives are as exciting as other Defiants’, they seem more distant and focused on greater things.

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