Angelic Great Houses

There are twelve Great Houses in Defiant, three from each Origin. Out of all bloodlines, they are the oldest and most influential, with their own creeds and sacred traditions.

Let’s begin with the Angels.

House Aratron – Angels of Mercy
Creed: “There can be no mercy without atonement.”

Aratronites see themselves as the conscience of the Defiant, reminding them of their trespasses and offering mercy to those who are willing to repent. Some of them are cruel and strict, some are caring and kind, but they all believe forgiveness has to be earned.

House Hariel – Angels of Passion
Creed: “You shall not dim the flames of your passion.”

While all Defiant enjoy every aspect of life, Harielites take it to another level. They always find new ways to fuel their passion and constantly seek unique and exciting experiences, moving on once they become bored.

House Zeruel – Angels of Glory
Creed: “Be a testament to your House’s glory.”

House Zeruel is one of the most respected and looked upon as they strive for greatness and glory in everything they do. Aristocratic and entitled in behavior, Zeruelites believe in leading by example and always choosing the noble, righteous path.

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