Infernal Great Houses

There are twelve Great Houses in Defiant, three from each Origin. Out of all bloodlines, they are the oldest and most influential, with their own creeds and sacred traditions.

We continue with the Infernal Great Houses.

House Black – Infernals of Pain
Creed: “Be human.”

Renowned for their demonic cruelty, members of the House Black renounced their old ways and now try to live the lives they choose, rather than continue on the path chosen for them by the overlords of Hell. They assumed a corporate-like style of leadership and aim to rediscover life beyond pain and suffering.

House Dawn – Infernals of Shame
Creed: “Uphold our legacy.”

The descendants of the first mortal to ever be sentenced to live in Hell, who eventually became demons themselves. Now, the proud Infernals of Shame came back to the mortal world to reclaim all that has been taken from them. To be a devoted member of the House is to always strive for more, improve one’s standing, and accumulate power.

House Joy – Infernals of Guilt
Creed: “Rejoice”

While other Infernals tend to reminisce about their demonic legacy and the horrors of Hell, House Joy has taken a different approach. Rather than dwell in the past, the Infernals of Guilt are focused on making up for the lost time. They revel in the exciting experiences and pleasures the Defiant world has to offer.

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