New project: Fanfic RPG

I’ve recently started a new project: a role-playing game, in which players create and play out a TV series, based on their favorite fandom/franchise. Working title: Fanfic RPG.

The game is for two players at the moment, but it’s possible to make an option for more players later on.

During preparation the players decide what fanfic do they want to play, what twist do they want to add (alternate universe, gender swap, fix, etc.), who are the main characters and what the TV series will be about.

Than the players play out scenes that together form an episode of the series. Thay can play several episodes to create an entire season of the series. In each scene one of the players is a Screenwriter, and the other one is a Director. The game gives the play a structure and helps the players tell a compelling story. There’s also a mechanic to settle disputes between them as to how the story should unfold.

As my project progresses, I’ll post updates and more information about it. Do you find this kind of games interesting? Do you read or write fanfics? What would you like to know about my game? Let me know in the comments.

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