Pyrkon was amazing!

We’ve had an amazing time on Pyrkon this year! We’ve had a chance to spend time with some of the greats: Mark Rein-Hagen, Adam Koebel, Chris Birch and Jeff Richard and it was awesome!

Marcin Kuczyński was the GM for the Game of Designers, where he sat down with all of the gentlemen above (in front of an audience) and played a 2h session. The Designers were playing the modern day wizards, who came to Poland to retrieve a lost artifact. To avoid detection, they were posing as a stag party for some oblivious mortal named Matt. They could cast powerfull spells by reading aloud some Polish phrases. The esteemed players made the game hillarious and really entertaining!

Between our lectures, talking to fellow role-players and scouting the shopping stands, we got to enjoy the fantactic atmosphere of Pyrkon. Over 50 000 people, many of them wearing different costumes, smiling, dancing, singing, playing and sharing their passions, gave us a huge boost of energy. Being a geek, a gamer and a role-player is awesome! Thank you Pyrkon for being amazing.

You can watch some photos from the convention here:

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