Defiant Awakening – a free Quickstart

Defiant Awakening is a free Defiant Quickstart (click here to download). It covers all the basic concepts of the game and setting, along with game rules needed to start playing Defiant. This guide should be more than enough to play a couple of mini-Episodes with your friends and get to know the game. 

In Defiant Awakening, you will find a short Chronicle, taking place in the Bridgewood Boulevard Province, a few months before the events described in a main Defiant rulebook. You will be able to play as fallen Angels and Daeva, the ancient gods, and choose from several character creation options (no pre-designed characters). Aside from many NPCs and locations described in the book, there are six Threads and many Story Hooks to help the GM run the Chronicle without much effort. And if you get attached to your Characters, you can continue playing them in the main rulebook Chronicle.

If you like Defiant Awakening, make sure to buy a full Defiant Rulebook and back our Kickstarter campaign (coming in June 2021)!

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