New project: Fanfic RPG

I’ve recently started a new project: a role-playing game, in which players create and play out a TV series, based on their favorite fandom/franchise. Working title: Fanfic RPG. The game is for two players at the moment, but it’s possible to make an option for more players later on. During preparation the players decide what …

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The Lazy Game Masters

I admit – I’m a lazy Game Master. I don’t like spending long hours preparing sessions, coming up with a complex plot, designing tons of locations and NPCs. But I really enjoy the game itself, interacting with the players, presenting them with hard choices, finding out more about their characters, sharing excitement and emotions. Because …

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GM's handbook

Game Master on a budget

When I was still a student, I had a lot of time and energy for RPGs. I used to prepare campaigns with 100+ NPCs, multiple locations, complex storylines and dozens of handouts. But as I finished my education and got a job, I realized that running such time-consuming campaigns might prove difficult, if not impossible. …

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