$50K? Done! Another stretch goal unlocked!

It actually happened! Thanks to your commitment, this campaign passed the $50K mark. It feels unreal. And awesome! Defiant Discord Bot will now get a complete overhaul. With new visuals and additional features, it’s gonna be better than ever!

Get your own Defiant Rulebook in print!

At $60K, all Backers will receive a PDF version of Defiant Royals: Couples supplement. We hope to make the “Defiant Royals” a whole supplement line in the future, each with different sets of NPCs. The first one will be focused on interesting couples and marriages, as the name might suggest. 

We are very thankful for all the ideas and suggestions you share with us. The next stretch goal is actually a response to your questions and ideas from comments and private messages. At $70K, all the unlocked digital supplements will become available in printed format!

We will design another layout for each of the books and make them available as “Print On Demand” on DriveThruRPG. Of course, all the Backers starting from the Courtier level will still receive the free PDFsThey will also be able to buy the physical version of each supplement at print cost, meaning you will be only paying the print house fee!

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