Defiant Reign & Legacy coming soon!

Origins Awards nominated “Defiant RPG” returns with two major supplements! New to the game? The core rulebook will also be available! Click here to be the first to know when the Kickstarter goes live!

Defiant Reign

This supplement focuses on different aspects of being a supernatural ruler in the world of Defiant. Defiant Reign introduces new court positions, rules for using political factions in the game, an in-depth description of Defiant laws and the justice system, and a guide to creating your own Provinces and Domains. The players are treated to a set of new Personal, Court, and Marital Themes focused on leadership, schemes, politics, and intrigues.

Defiant Legacy

The life of a Defiant ruler is never only about politics. Defiant Legacy focuses on the more private and intimate part of royal life. The supplement explores the intricate dynamics of raising heirs, royal marriages, matchmaking, weddings, and debuts. In Defiant Legacy, players can embrace new Marital Themes, offering the unique role of a Consort—an important figure in the world of aristocracy.

What is Defiant RPG?

Defiant RPG is an urban fantasy game about the mighty, modern-day supernaturals, who rebelled against their destiny and, instead of destroying the world, decided to protect it. By enforcing a demanding set of rules, the Defiant aristocracy empowers protective seals around their cities, making them the only safe havens in a world ravaged by the Apocalypse.

Player Characters are the Defiant blue-bloods, leading a supernatural society of fallen angels, demons, ancient gods, and dragons. They are powerful rulers with their own Holdings (like clubs or luxurious mansions) and faithful subjects. 

In Defiant, your Characters are walking a thin line between satiating their desires and following the dystopian laws of their uncanny society. They share a unique position as supernatural aristocrats, ruling over their Holdings, and empowering their Domain with the strength of their passions. You will be playing to find out who your Character really is and what they are truly made of. What will the Characters do with all the power that has been given to them? How much are they willing to sacrifice to do what is right? How many rules are they willing to bend to get what they want?

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